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Interview with Chef Lucas Carstens on his stage at Schauenstein Schloss Restaurant Hotel

Why did you choose to do a stage at Schauenstein Schloss Restaurant Hotel in Fürstenau?
It's a 3 Michelin star restaurant owned by Chef Andreas Caminada. Karine (owner of Majeka House) bought his books last year when they had dinner there, his approach to food and vision really spiked my interest. Karine asked them if it will be possible to do a stage there and we were lucky to get a opportunity as they normally don’t take in apprentices .

Pic credit: Schauenstein Schloss Restaurant Hotel, Andreas Caminada 

What are you bringing back in terms of inspiration from both your stage and your trip to the kitchen of Makaron?
What inspired me most was the work ethic of the people in Switzerland as well as some operational ideas that I would like to implement aswell as some presentation of food that I would like to try. There is so much that you see and learn, I still need to straighten out my mind, since it was blown. And the energy in London really inspired me. On the new menu there will definitely be some ideas from my trip, people will just have to come and see. BOOK.

Schauenstein Schloss Restaurant Hotel, Andreas Caminada 

What was the biggest challenge you faced during your stage, and was was the biggest highlight?
The biggest challenge was the language, my German was not that good, so it takes a bit longer to slot into service. Also not having a car, I am so use to driving everywhere, there you have to plan your trips making use of the trains and busses. But they have excellent public transport. My highlight was meeting Chef Caminada and his team, they are really great people and chefs. I have so much respect for them. Also visiting my brother in London was great!
Where all did you go on your travels - and what were some of the highlights?
I went to Switzerland to work in Fürstenau in the Viamala Region in the Swiss canton of Graubünden the smallest town to hold city rights with market rights received from Charles IV, Holy Roman Emperor in 1354. I also visited our sister hotel in Wengen, Hotel Schönegg, and also a quick trip to the UK.
There were so many highlights, Switzerland in general was very beautiful especially Wengen with its mountain peaks, and London with all its history, art and architecture. 
What was your ultimate food experience of the whole trip?
There were so many food highlights, from eating traditional Swiss food on the staff breaks when working,
to all the cheeses, sausages, truffles etc. at the markets and the traditional Sunday roast at the pub with my brother was excellent. The one I enjoyed the most was BAO in London, they do dim sum style steamed buns and Taiwanese food, really interesting drinks too.

Posted: 31-Jul-2017


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